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Alternative gearlever.

I bet you have come here from my foot peg post! Yes, if you installed the new foot pegs that I recommended then you probably found the gear shift is now too close to the peg. Problem? Not at AG200 Central its not! Time to upgrade the gear lever now!

YZ gearlever1So what bike do we have to rip-off a part from this time? Check out the ’01 to ’05 YZF250 and other YZF and WRF models (see below). That’s what I have on mine anyway. There are all sorts of variations thanks to this very popular range of dirt bikes. Choose your poison from mega expensive, billet and forged jewels to cheap as chips pressed alloy jobs.YZ gearlever2

I have chosen a generic RHK brand (RHK-SL9-B, YZF250 01-05, YZF400-450 98-06, WRF400-450 90-06) that has extended the reach a few centimetres while now giving me a folding tip. The spline is the same and it has an 8mm head on the pinch bolt to match the cases and the vast majority of fasteners on the rest of the bike.

I don’t think the brand really matters. All you need to know is the YZF250 spline is the same and that the lever is a little bit longer than the stock unit. I’m not sure if the folding tip is super important because of the AG’s excellent engine guard, but it is a bonus with these levers anyway.