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2002 Yamaha AG range brochure

How on earth did the word “brochure” get into the English language? Go and do a search for the definition. French origins of course, itself derived from Latin “…to stitch together” Language really baffles me sometimes. Isn’t there a word we could of thought of for “Sales Literature?”, especially with the talent that got sucked into marketing in the early twentieth century and the American (most of that marketing stuff came from the ‘States) penchant for making their own editions to the English language!

Now there’s an interesting start to a blog post on an AG bike! I thought I’d spice it up a bit because there isn’t really much to say here. If you’re a specs weenie and like memorabilia then here’s a bit of stuff related to the AG200. It’s actually the whole Yamaha, two wheel AG bike range for 2002. What a hoot! Bet it will be worth heaps in years to come! 🙂

Note the AG200E and AG200EA options. My previous posts mentioned the complied version of the AG200 and this documentations confirms that Yamaha called it the AG200EA (A for ADR?). Notice the different headlight? The old AG100 gets a mention too. Another thing of interest; I’m looking real hard at the guy riding the bike on the last page and I reckon it’s Steven Gall. Remember him? Australian Motocross legend? He was heavily involved with Yamaha promotion at the time and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s him.















And for the truly committed, here is the full resolution download in PDF format but beware, it’s just over 40Mb in size.