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Stand slop…

Ever wondered why so many AG200s have worn out stand pivots? You’ve seen it before – heaps of play between the stand and the frame bracket to the point where the stand can (in the up position) be pushed back and rub on the swing-arm! You might think that it’s just because farmers are always on and off the bike and it just wears out. But here’s the thing…it happens to both stands and most people only use the one on the left side. Curious?

I’ve owned lots of bikes over the years and worked on heaps of others but I have never seen another model that their stands and mounting pivots wear and deteriorate like the AG200s. Every axis of movement on these stands seem to display excessive wear while the springs fatigue and fail, and sometimes the spring lugs can drop off!

Stand springIf you go and cross reference the stand spring part number of 90506-26270, you will find a heap of Yamaha models that use the same spring. BW200, YZ80, TTR110, PW80, XS400 and a heap of other bikes of small capacity that I don’t think were released here in Australia. Most of them are small bikes and even the big ones are road bikes so they have short stands with a small foot. The AG200 stands are not too long (~270mm) but they have a broad, pressed steel foot that has a slight dish to it underneath.

Stand foot, undersideSo what happens? Well, we have a spring that is borderline from new in its task of holding the stand in the up position. The weight of the relatively large foot allows the stand to bounce up and down over rough ground, wearing out the pivot. The clincher to self destruction is when clay or other soil types fill up the dished section under the foot, adds weight to the end of the stand and multiplies the whole effect. So as time goes on the spring gets fatigued, weakens and makes it worse again. The poor thing hasn’t got a hope!

When the spring is new and there is no extra weight under the foot then it’s all good. But it doesn’t take much to start the vicious circle of destruction for both stands. The fix is to treat the stand spring as a consumable item. At the slightest sign of the stand bouncing around check under the foot. If there is no build up, replace the spring.

P1020561The whole issue would be solved if Yamaha added a decent spring in the first place – PeeWee 80 spring – Pft! So I am on the hunt for a decent spring, preferably from another Yamaha model, I will update this post when I find it. But for now keep your feet clean, the pivot well greased and keep an eye on those springs!