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AG200L (’93) service manual

It seems a lot of folks out there are still getting the early, 6v AG200s back on the road. I have never really bothered with them much because the later ones have electric start, a much better 12V electrical system and other upgrades that make them the bleeding edge in AG200 technology(!).


Discrimination can be a nasty thing though…sooooooo as a service to my fellow AG200 fan-boys/girls, I have been on the lookout for an AG200L service manual pretty much from the time I started this blog. Well it’s happened and now all you 6V blowhards can stop hassling me! 🙂

I just spent a couple of hours scanning this manual and both my arms feel like they are about to drop off so I hope y’all appreciate this gesture from your kindly AG200 Guru. Yes, there are a few greasy fingerprints on the scan and a bit of bleed through of images on the reverse face of some pages, but hey…it’s FREE! Its not perfect but I think in a lot of cases it’s better than the other factory service manuals that I have listed on this site.

The real reason I wanted to get this manual up is so my mate in Poland who collates all my AG200 info into a CD and flogs it on Ebay, can complete his collection. You go buddy!

AG200L (’93/’94) service manual

This is how I spend my Saturday nights…I really need to get a life!  🙂