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AG200L (’93) service manual

It seems a lot of folks out there are still getting the early, 6v AG200s back on the road. I have never really bothered with them much because the later ones have electric start, a much better 12V electrical system and other upgrades that make them the bleeding edge in AG200 technology(!).


Discrimination can be a nasty thing though…sooooooo as a service to my fellow AG200 fan-boys/girls, I have been on the lookout for an AG200L service manual pretty much from the time I started this blog. Well it’s happened and now all you 6V blowhards can stop hassling me! 🙂

I just spent a couple of hours scanning this manual and both my arms feel like they are about to drop off so I hope y’all appreciate this gesture from your kindly AG200 Guru. Yes, there are a few greasy fingerprints on the scan and a bit of bleed through of images on the reverse face of some pages, but hey…it’s FREE! Its not perfect but I think in a lot of cases it’s better than the other factory service manuals that I have listed on this site.

The real reason I wanted to get this manual up is so my mate in Poland who collates all my AG200 info into a CD and flogs it on Ebay, can complete his collection. You go buddy!

AG200L (’93/’94) service manual

This is how I spend my Saturday nights…I really need to get a life!  🙂



AG200 service information

Maintaining and repairing motorcycles is just as enjoyable for me as riding them…I find it relaxing and satisfying when you know a job is done right. But maintenance and repairs can be frustrating, detrimental to your machine or even dangerous to yourself if you don’t have the required tools and service information. Good tools and service info are two must haves for any work on any bike in my opinion. So I have posted all the relevant data for the AG200 so you can access it to help you out on your AG journey. I will add more info as it becomes available and anyone who thinks I’m short on something just let me know.

1997 3GX – link to the first PDF format manual that I have found. It’s a scan but still very helpful.

3GX ’03 update – link to the updates for ’03.

3GX ’08 update – link to the ’08 updates.

These are manuals related to the Australian models but the rest of the world should be pretty close. They are also not as comprehensive as one might think but I will try and cover some of the discrepancies as time goes on.