Website migration

Hi all, just thought I would give regular readers a heads up that I am shutting down this site. I’m letting the domain lapse and going back to my old WordPress site at

It will take a while to get it all looking good but the info and links to manuals etc. should all still be good.


2 thoughts on “Website migration

  1. Hey AGman

    Just want to say thanks for the information you have on your site. we have 3 blue, 4 kahki (one has over 75,000km on it plus the speedo didn’t work for many years, who knows the total and its still going!!!) and one yellow AG 200. We pick them up from clearing sales to use or scrap for parts. Your site has been a valuable resource as I learn to keep these bikes running. They are our main vehicle on our sheep farm.

    Will all of the information still be available on your wordpress site?

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Aggie
      Thanks for the comments. Yes all the info on here will be up on the old (new?) site. As time goes on I will continue with updates and try and get all the posts looking normal again.

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