AG200L (’93) service manual

It seems a lot of folks out there are still getting the early, 6v AG200s back on the road. I have never really bothered with them much because the later ones have electric start, a much better 12V electrical system and other upgrades that make them the bleeding edge in AG200 technology(!).


Discrimination can be a nasty thing though…sooooooo as a service to my fellow AG200 fan-boys/girls, I have been on the lookout for an AG200L service manual pretty much from the time I started this blog. Well it’s happened and now all you 6V blowhards can stop hassling me! 🙂

I just spent a couple of hours scanning this manual and both my arms feel like they are about to drop off so I hope y’all appreciate this gesture from your kindly AG200 Guru. Yes, there are a few greasy fingerprints on the scan and a bit of bleed through of images on the reverse face of some pages, but hey…it’s FREE! Its not perfect but I think in a lot of cases it’s better than the other factory service manuals that I have listed on this site.

The real reason I wanted to get this manual up is so my mate in Poland who collates all my AG200 info into a CD and flogs it on Ebay, can complete his collection. You go buddy!

AG200L (’93/’94) service manual

This is how I spend my Saturday nights…I really need to get a life!  🙂



13 thoughts on “AG200L (’93) service manual

  1. Thanks ….Theres a slab of VB cans in my shed fridge waiting for you, you’ve saved me a lot of hassle and cost not to mention my sanity, ive had more help from you than the local Yamaha dealer owner / mechanic/Smart ar#! who basically told me if I knew what I was doing I would have fixed it myself and all I simply asked was if it was possible to test the stator before anything else and sending it away. Thanks again, cant wait to go around the sheep in comfort and style…been riding my sons CRF 230 , good bike but zero on the comfort factor

    1. Hi Murf
      Everyone loves a happy ending! Pity your local dealer…everyone involved in it is trying to make a living. Sometimes this pressure can distort your view of everything. I’ve been on the other side and its a really tough gig these days.
      So did you localise the problem?

      1. Well the secondary coil ohms test was a fail so purchased a used coil from maxwells motorcyles wreckers for $50 but not before i tested the resistance with my new found knowledge…no point in buying a flaky coil, the stator tests were fine so that was good to determine so pretty much all that was left had to be the cdi unit, ive sent that away to geelong small coil rewire for a refurbished cdi for $260…a new cdi is around $430, so i think im finally getting somewhere. I only had a basic multimeter from dick smiths so i had to borrow a fancy meter that enabled me to use the right range…you must use the correct range to read the resistance as the service manual requires or you wont get a reading at all…im only self taught so had to work the meter out the hard way…but all good so far will know more once the repaired cdi is installed

        1. Ahh, the CDI unit. The issue is dry joints on the circuit board within. I have carefully cut the CDI metal housing at 2 corners and extracted the rubberised electronics, peeled back the circuit board side covering and re-soldered the dry joints, then resealed. All good – for the next 20 years or so!

    1. Hi Michael
      All the information you need will be in the owners and service manuals that I have posted up on my blogs. As a rough guide I would use a 10W40 oil or 10W50 if you live in hotter climates. And I would tend to drop the oil at somewhere between 3000 to 5000km. The lower the better.

    1. Hi Al
      Are you talking about the top end list I posted in my latest blog? Yamaha don’t, they just supply the parts you order. I have seen companies like Vesra list full gasket & o-ring kits but no hard engine parts like rings, pistons etc.

        1. Al
          Why thank-you sir. Now if I could just translate that knowledge into earning a living I would be a genius!

  2. Thanks for publishing this manual. I just bought my first bike, a Yamaha XT200, and am finding this will be of great help.

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