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Because the AG200 is a bit of a…ahem…lowly steed, when you do a YouTube vid search all you will ever find is poor old AGs towards the end of their lives getting abused. Monster burnouts, monster boghole attempts and all sorts of other antics by mostly bored kids. This seems to be the order of the day for AG200s on YouTube. Not that I don’t enjoy a good monster burnout mind you, but the AG200? Pft! Isn’t there anything more interesting that someone is doing on them?

Imagine my surprise when this bobby dazzler popped up! This is what I’m talking about. If this guy ever comes across this blog, drop us a line!

Until some of you other guys get your trips done, documented and up on the ‘Tube, then this guy is the current World AG200 Touring Ninja!



4 thoughts on “AG200 YouTube vids

  1. Hey AGMAN,
    My wife’s first roundtrip on a motorcycle ever was 330km with me on our two AG’s. Thereafter the boys joined us on a 235km roundtrip and a week ago I did a solo 921km in two days to a church gathering on a farm in the Karoo. Check out my Facebook for some photos. My wife, our two sons and myself are still planning to do the 4500km trip from the northern Border of Namibia to the most southern point of Africa this December. Will soon have a social site available where you will be able to follow the whole FAMILT ADVENTURE process.

    1. Nice work Martin.
      Look forward to the info on your adventures. I feel a Ninja award coming on!

  2. Yup. The AG200 is built for this kind of place. Lived in Vientiane for 4 years, and have a similar bike (AG200 different year though). Getting ready to sell it so have some pictures – but can look at the link too

    The ferry crossing picture (which you can’t see well from) is in Luang Prabang, the old capital, taking a dirt track to Oudomxai province the back way. They “Harley” shot is me getting stuck in big mud puddle in Xiangkhouang Province – heading to Mok Mai district from Ta Sii. This bike is an awesome bike built for adventure!

    1. Hi Robert
      Thanks for coming over to visit, and thanks for the great vid. I hope it will inspire others (including me!) to get out there do some serious trips on their AG bikes.

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