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Have been getting a few hints from visitors to expand my horizons and make it easier for people to add to the discussion on the AG200. A forum may be coming in the future and not everyone is a fan of the current social media options so I’m thinking a thread on ADV forums is probably a good compromise for now…it was suggested by one of the guys who has left a comment here; Richard who is planning an epic African trip on his AG200.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, bit of a seniors moment I suppose! I would guess that most readers here would probably be members on the forum, or would at least know of it’s existence. Maybe I was a bit intimidated by the hardware on this thing but hey, if the DR200 can be represented then I’m sure we can!

So lets see what the AG200 can really do out there in the real world.

Check it out here.



2 thoughts on “ADV rider forum thread…

  1. Can anyone help me out with a parts list for a ’94 model ag 200f? Ive got 3GX-021524 stamped on the engine- need to replace the rings.

    1. Hi Joe

      Check out my parts listings here.

      Use the part list for the ’03 model – the piston, rings and gaskets are all the same part numbers. If Yamaha upgraded a part they automatically supersede it when ordered and the parts guy will probably let you know.


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