Parts listings…more AG200 gold!

Welcome to the new year of 2015, hope ’14 was a good one for you. I thought I would start the new year with a bang by posting up the AG200 parts lists. I have most of them but thought I would link to an older model (1988), and a newer model (2003). This will help you bypass the incompetent Yamaha spare parts guy if you are unfortunate enough to have one in your area! Select your part number and supply him/her with it so they cant stuff it up!

Its also interesting sometimes to enter the number in’s excellent Yamaha parts listings to see what, if any, other Yamaha models use the same part.

Apart from a few new bits on the current AG (2013 onwards), these two parts lists will cover most parts and their numbers. The ’88 manual has the listings for the earlier yellow bikes and the later beige ones, which is handy if you’re after a specific colour part like side covers, guards or a tank.


2003 AG200

1988 AG200



5 thoughts on “Parts listings…more AG200 gold!

  1. Hi Agman
    Just wanting to know is there an after market cdi box that will work on a 2003 ag200?
    Cheers Andy

    1. Hi Andy
      None that I know of. I think there is a few with the regulator but it will be genuine Yamaha for the CDI I’d say.

    1. let us know how it works. I use my modified AG as an adventure bike and would like to have a spare cdi in my spares kit.

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