To forum or not to forum, that is the question…

I love doing my blog…don’t get me wrong. But it’s all a bit one sided don’t you think? I’m getting a lot of good feedback from people here and it’s much appreciated but I’m not naive enough to believe I’m a world authority on the AG200, and in particular the 3GX engine. Is it time to bring other views and ideas to the AG200 platform with a forum? There are issues with forums though, lets discuss.

There are some things I really dislike about forums and the people that run some of them. They always start off saying no advertising will ever be seen on this site…bla…bla…bla! And within a year or two there are adds all over the place! Or the one I despise much more is where people start a forum and wait for a couple of years for members to build up a body of knowledge and then they lock it up behind a pay wall.

From my perspective, there could not be a bigger insult to someone sharing their hard won knowledge to the world, particularly a forum where you are attracted to the site to share with brothers and sisters in a common area of interest. This “crowd sourcing” is a scourge in my opinion, especially when the “crowd” don’t know their making (sometime in the future!) a living for some other slacker!

So I’m not saying that if I start a forum that I wont explore ways to cover the upkeep and maintenance costs, I will. I spend enough time deleting the spam and trolls off this blog, I can only imagine the time needed to maintain a forum! I may look into advertising but it will be targeted and specific to the AG200 and the owners – no Viagra or Xbox adds! If I can’t target, I wont run adds, period. I wont lock up info behind pay walls, even if it’s posted on my forum, I don’t believe I own that info, the members do.

So, what do you all think? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know if you think this is worthwhile pursuing or not. I will of course continue writing up my blog entries, nothing will change on that front. I just think that we may be able to add more to the body of knowledge if others can contribute and have an easier way for people to ask questions and get answers.

And before I sign off for 2014, I’d like to wish all readers a safe and happy festive break. Take it easy, make sure you get through it so you can come back to read more enthralling content on the AG200!  🙂




7 thoughts on “To forum or not to forum, that is the question…

  1. Hello AGman, a forum gets my vote!
    Thanks very much for your dedicated work this year.
    Merry Christmas. Mike

    1. Hi Mike
      Thanks for the support throughout the year. All the best to you and your family.

  2. Great blog I stumbled across here, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I am converting an AG to a trials bike. Forum? Yes! Maybe a dedicated section in a farm machinery forum could save a lot of effort/money?

  3. Hello, 2 yrs ago time for a new bike. Choice between Trojan and Ag200. Decided to go with the AG200 as it felt more solid. One worry-as I told my wife- neutral at bottom-going up a gully or hillside or trying to get away from a cranky beast, automatic reaction go down a gear and out of here. Took my chances and now 2 years on it got me, discs in neck out of place, severe pain, two weeks in hospital, two months virtually off work, leaving my wife to deal with heifers in trouble calving. While I like the bike generally I am getting rid of it and going back to a bike with 1st gear at bottom, we have some steep areas on our 2000 acres. Probably will not be a Trojan however.

    1. Hi Mark
      Sorry to hear about your get-off. The neutral at the bottom has never really been an issue for me and haven’t really heard any other complaints from farmers. I can see your point though if that’s your riding style. I’ve never really found the gearbox lay-out to be an advantage over other bikes and really don’t know why Yamaha bothered, especially when you consider the first Japanese model had a conventional gearbox with one down five up – yep, it was a 6 speed.

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