Oil change tips #1.5, aaahh, spare parts guys…

This entry is a bit of an addition to my old Oil Change Tips post I did quite a while ago. Just a bit of updated filter info that I thought I would drop in here to give you guys and girls a heads up. After all these years, I thought mechanics and spare parts guys would have sorted this out but we still have an issue of imparting info from one person to another so we still make catastrophic mistakes like the one I’m about to show you.

TTR250 filterI also own a TTR250, a great bike which has a a long model run with few alterations, like the AG200. Another thing it shares with the AG200 is a nearly identical oil filter, the only difference is four little holes in the relief valve end of the housing. Take a look at the photo at left. Have a reeeeeal good look! You will see what the AG200 would see as our equivalent to methamphetamine; something that will trash your head (see what I did there?). If you put this filter in your AG, you will starve the head of oil and the first thing to grenade is usually the cam will seize in the cam gear side bearing. Not good.

Now, have a look at right. This is what the proper AG200 filter looks like.AG K&N These four little holes are the life-line for oil passing through the filter to get up to the head. If someone has given you a filter that looks like the one above for your AG, TW, XT, TTR230 or old ATV, then slap them! The AG has been around for 30+ years and the TTR250 for 20+ but I still hear stories and read on forums that parts guys and mechanics still mess it up and trash perfectly good engines.

K&N AG Vs TTR250Here is a pic of the other side of the filters and I guess you can understand how people could make the mistake, but I reckon the rubber is blue on the TTR filter for a reason! Yamaha had heaps of issues with this a few years ago, probably when the TTR250 first came out I’d say. So stay vigilant people, especially if you are buying cheap filters off Ebay from people who couldn’t really give a hoot about your bike. But also if you are buying genuine parts from a Yamaha dealer because, to be honest, that where I have heard of most of the stuff-ups happening.



5 thoughts on “Oil change tips #1.5, aaahh, spare parts guys…

  1. BEST tip ever!!! Have both 2014 Ag 200 & 2001 TTR 250 I just read (oil change tips) & did from computer to shed in under 10 sec to find used filter in box. I put date & Ks on old box replace next oil change. Black 5 H O-13440-09 Ag 200 & Blue 1UY-13440-02 TTR 250 (Relieved) On the Ag 200 is ajustment screw on top front of carb (next to head) the air mix or fuel mix. It’s running a sooty plug. Ag 200 best ag bike ever IMO Been rideing 44 years J D L

    1. Hi JD
      Thanks for the comments. The screw you mentioned is the pilot screw. It adjusts the fuel to the fuel bypass circuits and will effect mixture in the lower parts of throttle opening. Sounds like the bike is running a bit rich, they all do in my experience. Is it fouling plugs? If its not I wouldn’t be concerned, you could try dropping the needle one clip position and see how that goes. How many Kms is on it? It still might be burning a bit of oil due to run in?

      1. 6000 ks. Not fouling plug, just black soot (rich) Closed 1/8 turn, see how it go in a week. I do the oil & air filters every 1000k. first one 500 & new oil filter then every 1000 & new filter every 2nd. Will go back to dealer 1 st service (6000). they can check carb etc. First one free in the deal. Keep up the good work & tips J D

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