Flywheel viewing hole covers – a bit of bling!

Now I’m not one for gratuitous bling on my machines, particularly when they are humble machines! Machines where bling has no place! Billet and anodised  parts are lovely on a tricked up WR450, but an AG200?

You have already seen my gear lever replacement and you may of thought it was a bit over the top but due to the manufacturing wonders of China, we can all now enjoy a bit of flashiness here and there. But flashiness is not why I replaced the components you see here. The reason I replaced them is because the ones supplied by Yamaha are utter rubbish.

Old covers

Check out the photo of the original covers at left. You will see the two Flywheel/Magneto covers on the engine side case. They have a slotted tool interface. Who the hell still uses slotted fasteners? I despise them. Every chance I get I will chuck them out and replace them with something decent. I don’t care how “authentic” they make the machine look!

I check my valve clearances quite often. About every second extended ride actually. Why so often? Ever owned a five valve, multi-cylinder motorcycle? When something is so simple to check the valve clearances, you tend to keep an eye on it! So anyway, when you are removing the magneto covers to gain access to timing marks and the magneto nut so you can rotate the crank, you chew them out in no time.

You can see in the above photo that they were starting to get messed up. They are made out of cheap plastic (The earlier AGs were actually aluminium). Remove them and put them on your bench and firmly hit them with your biggest hammer, just to make sure they are never put into service again!

Timing cover

You can buy the GYTR units (for the TTR230?) but they are ridiculously priced so I went with some units from Zeta Performance Products, part# ZE89-1412. They wont add any performance to the AG200, but they will perform (last) much longer than the originals with their Allen/hex interface. And yes, they are from a YZ/WR 250F and they screw right in. I should of just bought a WR 250F and fitted racks to the thing!

All you need to do is swap the old o’rings off the old covers onto your new ones and screw them in. Don’t do them up too tight and maybe a little bit of grease on the threads will make them nicer to fit. You will now be ready to go and checking the valve clearances will be much nicer to perform.



2 thoughts on “Flywheel viewing hole covers – a bit of bling!

  1. Hi AGMan!
    Hi already completed my tour to East Timor, with no flat tires and major problems.
    The only problem was the spark puggle getting dirty and the carburetor, that was in my opinion to: 1)bad quality fuels that I put, probably mixtures with petroleum or even water, in near road balcony’s, after that I only refilled in cities, 2) riding in a low rpm in places with high ascends and bad tracks because I was afraid of overheating the motorbike and 3) it seems the carburetor it’s not original of the motorbike, it’s an adaptation.

    For the rest the motorbike was fine and I really hitted very bad tracks, with awesome landscapes, it was a little adventure.

    1. Great news João!
      Glad to see you had a good trip. Did you take any Photographs of the countryside?

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