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Wide footpegs

I was thinking of adding a “Mods” section to my blog but I think the AG200 is a bike where if you really want more from your motorcycling then you should buy a different bike…yes I’m in THAT camp of thinking! Having said this, I think there are some small and cost effective things you can do to make the AG experience a little better so I thought I would cover one this time around.

If anyone has done some extended seat time on the AG200, one of the first things that irritate is the narrow foot pegs. Too much weight is spread over a small surface area and you get sore feet. Proper dirt bike boots delay the irritation but only for an hour or two. It will also tear up your nice expensive boots so the reviewed pegs will pay for themselves pretty quick in this respect.

I had been keeping an eye out for a better set of pegs for a long time but the after-market for the AG is like…zero…farmers are not real big on mods and upgrades! The only hope for better bits is to find stuff from other bikes and in the case of the foot pegs, the TW200 came to the rescue.

While lurking on the XT225/250 forums I noticed an ad for foot peg sets for the cousin bikes of the AG in the USA. I contacted Bill via his site and he had never got a request for an AG200 before…nothing new there! So after a bit of research we thought the TW pegs were the best bet so I took the plunge and ordered a pair of TW200 units for my AG.

Left peg

After a bit over a week a pair of nice new pegs arrived from the USA. So did they fit? Perfectly! The quality of construction is top notch, using the latest CNC and laser cutting technology, nice welds and all finished off with a nice powder coat finish. Made in the USA too, pretty good for the price I reckon. The Yamaha pins and springs fit straight in and only take a few minutes to fit. Totally stress free upgrade.

I wouldn’t say I have done super extended testing yet but I have put quite a few kilometres on the pegs so far and it certainly has completely changed the extended ride experience for my feet. In fact, it has eliminated the problem completely. They have created another one though…the distance between the pegs and the gear lever looks a bit short which isn’t the fault of the pegs. It isn’t a problem with normal boots but proper dirt bike boots can make gear changing a challenge. The standard gear lever is too short anyway and has no folding tip so time to start searching for a nice extended, folding tip gear lever…watch this space!

Right peg

So to sum up; If you want to improve the extended ride experience of your AG200, or any of the other bikes listed on the linked website, get in touch with the guys and get a set of their pegs sent out. They are worth every cent and improve the quality of your ride considerably. Great upgrade, great product.