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Just finished reading a review of the new KTM Adventurer, sounds like a blast but 150hp? Really? Is this adventure or terror? All that weight, all that power, all that money on dirt roads?! Yes I know it’s not just about dirt road usage. Its a total package that can get you across a state or even a country comfortably and as fast as you choose.

What if you don’t want to blast point to point? What if the terrain doesn’t allow it or you just don’t want to do it like that? What if you cant drop that sort of coin?

To me, this new adventure bike thing is cashing in a bit…you don’t have to drop over $20K  to have an “adventure”. Look at these clowns riding from Adelaide to Darwin or Melbourne/Sydney to Perth on Postie bikes! And I might add an AG200 is way more capable than a CT110!

We have this thing sometimes in motorcycling where if you don’t have the latest and greatest you are looked down on. Another fad comes along that either excludes most of the motorcycling public or gets them in so much debt that they can’t enjoy the ride or the capabilities of their machine anyway.

If you think you need one of these new monsters to “Adventure” then you need to get yourself off to some of the forums in the ‘States that support the smaller bikes and see where they take them – some of the trips are amazing! I follow the cousin bikes to the AG200 – the TW, TTR, XT etc and they all do some amazing trips on these reliable little bikes. There are some amazing technical articles and mods to them as well!

Check out this TW200 forum, or this XT225 forum or even the Chinariders forum. Some of these Chinese bikes have copies of the older generation Honda and Yamaha engines and some guys put some serious distance on them.

So if you want to get out there and poke around the Great Dividing Range, explore the Adelaide Hills, maybe the Dandenong ranges?  Or maybe even some more adventurous trips a bit further from civilisation, don’t despair. If you cant spring for an “Adventure Bike”, be like these folks from other places around the world and do it on the cheap…it will still be an adventure!



4 thoughts on “Define adventure…

  1. Hi AGman
    Thank you very much for all your knowledge.
    I am in the seventh heaven after stumbling on your website. Been riding an XT 500 since 1980 and investigated for the last couple of years the most suitable bike to do “gravel travel” . Eventually after comparing all sorts of bikes in terms of speed , weight, centre of gravity, affordability, endurance, repairs and maintenance, type of roads and terrain, time in the saddle, weight carrying capability etc. etc. etc., I finally came to the following conclusion: in order to travel at a speed where you can see what is going in in the surrounding country side, carry all your equipment to be self reliant for five days and doing it together as a family (two boys, my wife and myself), the best vehicle is the AG 200. I have bought 4 used models (2003 upwards) and are preparing them for a 4500km trip (21 days) from the Kunene river in Namibia, through the desert and west coast and will end in Cape town, South Africa. Your valuable information will be a great help and I will surely contact you for more, if I may.

    1. Hi Martin
      Thanks for the great comments. Sounds like your living the dream – what an adventure! If you ever document the preparation and the trip and get it on-line let me know. I would love to be able to link to it from AG200 Central. Feel free to contact me at any time, glad to help if I can.

      1. Hi AGman
        I am not on-line yet, but will definitely link with you at some point and show you the progress.
        Thanks for the section on cleaning carburettors – it saved me a lot of money.
        Question: I need a little more top end speed – what would be the biggest front sprocket and smallest rear?

        1. Hi Martin
          Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.
          If you need a little more top end go one tooth up on the front. If you go any higher you may find it a bit hard on your clutch, especially if it a bit tired already. Try one tooth, it makes a significant difference, and if you need more you can then go smaller on the back or bigger on the front again.

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