Latest project – shakedown!

If for some reason you think you need to get yourself a (second hand) AG200, take my advice; If you cant find a road-only ridden bike (who would buy an AG bike for road/street use?), then try and find one that has been used on a dry country farm. If the farm is irrigated then try and make sure its not dairy. Why? Because water and dirt encourages corrosion. Water, dirt and manure encourages destruction! Everything from steel, aluminium, rubber, plastic, paint, plating, anodising…you name it, it suffers under exposure to cow crud! Throw poor maintenance on top of these conditions and you get a money pit.

Project AG1

That’s why the bike shown here caught my eye when I found it at a small country dealer. It was a dry county bike with twenty thousand kms and even though the top end of the motor was tired, it was all complete and in very good condition. Dealers know what their stuff is worth so I paid good money for it but that means I don’t have to spend as much getting it into a good, reliable condition. All the standard things were covered with this bike; Rings, timing chain, swing-arm bushes, and all the other consumable wear items.

So anyway, all the work has been done (back to bare frame clean-up), and now its time to get some heat into it, stir the gearbox around a bit and then head back onto the hoist to drop the oil, inspect the oil filter, re-tension the head bolts and check the valve clearances. Hopefully after this I can do some recreation rego. and we are off to the Victorian High Country.



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